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Meet the members behind Sonu Shukla, CPA, PA. We are here to help you succeed!


Sonu Shukla

portrait of Sonu Shukla

Sonu Shukla is more than just another accountant in Orlando, Florida; he’s a small business owner himself. It’s a position in life that grants him the perspective and insight to emphasize with his clients, bringing them the best service possible. A Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial PlannerTM, Sonu possesses the skills, education and experience to demonstrate unerring business acumen and passionately planned financial strategies. Being proactive is key for Sonu, tailoring highly efficient tax plans for his small business clients, all in a one on one environment where he and the client can bounce ideas around until every detail is worked out.

Not content with merely satisfying his clients, Sonu goes the extra mile, carrying out surveys, asking his clientèle what can be changed or improved in his business approach. The unanimous response is always that his work is of the highest order, but changes have filtered into operation, with Sonu dedicating time, energy and much of his resources into improving the services he offers. Working with Sonu is a personalized experience, whether in a comfortable office environment or in a location of the client’s choice. The client relationship is everything to him, extra focus placed upon listening to their concerns and providing assessment of tax and audit issues.

He graduated from the University of North Florida in 1998. He has been practicing on his own since 2003. A large part of his time is spent in helping small businesses and individuals, analyzing and assessing tax plans, anticipating problems before they happen, and saving tax dollars, but at the end of the day he returns home to his beloved wife and children. His ties to the community are many including serving as a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Lake Nona. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CPA Health Care Advisors Association.

Among his many passions, Sonu loves to travel to distant lands, experiencing new cultures and soaking in the ethnic ambiance of the people. Quite simply, Sonu Shukla has a zeal for life, for helping people and getting to know them. It’s that boundless love of life that his clients love and respect, seeking his services for resolving financial issues.


Claudia Osorio

portrait of Claudia Osorio

Claudia Osorio has had the opportunity to work in the accounting departments for small and large scale organizations in the public and private sectors. Her career started in a very small accounting firm 17 years ago where her enthusiasm and knowledge for this field grew stronger. After that, she participated in several CPA Firms where she had the opportunity to work with clients in many different industries maintaining accurate accounting information and reconciliations as well as tax preparation for business entities and individuals. She recently joined the Sonu Shukla, CPA, PA team where she hopes her experience will honor the firm’s professionalism and dedication to the clients.​