Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Maximize your tax benefits with careful planning.

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Did you over-pay your taxes last year?

According to a recent government study, some small business owners just like overpay their taxes by an average of $11,638!!

Is your current accountant taking the time and proactive steps to minimize your tax bill?

The tax burden makes up the largest expense for a small business owner and yet most accountants are content with trading hours for dollars and focusing on filing the right form at the right time.


“Fast efficient and easy to deal with. I would recommend Sonu to help with any tax related issue. Has a great network to support your financial needs.”

Paul R

Ask yourself these questions…

If the IRS chooses your returns to audit, are you certain you’ll pass with flying colors?

Are you happy, thrilled with the net profits your business is providing you? With the taxes you pay?

Do you clearly see financial independence in your future? Is your year to year progress satisfactory?

When you talk with your accountant or CPA, are you getting his or her full attention? Does your professional really understand YOUR business?

Is he or she giving you advice that increases profits and reduces taxes?

If you answered ‘NO’ to ANY of the above questions, then I urge you to pay attention to what I am about to share. I have for you a very important offer that may help you to keep a LOT more money in your pocket and out of Government hands!

But first, you are probably asking yourself why you should even listen to me?

I’ve been helping Florida small business owners plan intelligently to reduce taxes legally for 13 years. I specialize in helping independent professionals and small business owners get out from under government paperwork (and red tape)…..improve your profits and take-home pay….reduce your taxes and make your businesses more valuable.

You might also be interested to know that I am the author of the upcoming book titled “Straight Talk About Small Business Success In Orlando”. It will soon appear in the business section of any Barnes and Noble bookstore. My articles have been published in prestigious journals like Physicians’ Money Digest. I am a small business owner myself, so I truly understand what it takes to drive a successful business like yours.

Why is all this important to you?

Simply because your accountant/CPA should be one of the most valuable resources on your business team…someone who is a strategic partner to your business…someone who is an EXPERT in business, profit maximization and tax minimization…and not just someone who merely prepares your taxes every year and considers you JUST another client.

Yes, I understand the complex tax laws (especially the Florida tax laws) and your business, so I can keep you out of trouble. But far more than that, I am an ally and “coach” to help you keep more of what you earn, day by day. I do NOT just fill out forms and give you the bad news of what you must pay! I work with you all year long.

When handling accounting and tax matters for clients, my firm takes a proactive approach, rather than a reactive “after-the fact” approach. You will wind up counting me as a friend and ally, just as the small business owners on this website have. Read, see and hear what THEY say — and ask yourself: would you write such glowing comments about YOUR accountant?

Can I guarantee you won’t be audited? No, of course not. But I can analyze your returns for “red flags”. If necessary we can file amended returns. Get your entire ship in shape. And, from now on, prepare fully documented, professional tax returns that tell tax authorities: this business owner gets good tax advice and is represented by a professional who knows tax law. Further, I’ll make sure you have complete records that will satisfy the IRS or the state in case of an audit. I will even give you full audit representation if need be.

At this point, though, I am not asking you to hire me or to change accountants. All I ask is that you say "Maybe."


If you’re the kind of candidate that fits our practice, we’ll meet for up to 30-minutes for our “proprietary” financial maximization and tax minimization strategy session.

You will receive a frank, completely confidential discussion about your business finances, profits, and taxes.

In that meeting, we can look at your revenues, profits, taxes paid, and I can give you some preliminary thoughts on improving your numbers. I’ll answer any tax questions you have, free. I will also share with you at least three tax strategies I will identify from reviewing your last years tax returns. Tax strategies that can reduce your taxes and put more money back in your pocket…right now. Since I focus primarily in working with small business owners, I will also share with you key “performance indicators” and “drivers” for a small business. These are the 20% of the activities that produce 80% of your income.

We’ll target the most common areas I’ve found where small business owners overpay in taxes, where you can improve your net take home pay, and specific “target” areas that can send up red flags to the IRS with businesses.

If, after the meeting, you decide to engage me to help you with accounting, profit improvement and tax reduction you will also receive a COMPREHENSIVE RE-EXAMINATION OF THREE YEARS’ TAX RETURNS – FREE, with a full satisfaction guarantee! How many accountants and CPA’s are willing to offer you that type of guarantee? That re-examination may immediately uncover “lost money” for you that can be re-captured from the government and put directly back in your pocket…without you ever having to lift a finger. It’s like “found money” for the business owners I work with.

Why would I give away such valuable services for free?

Look I realize that giving away my services like this takes a fair amount of time and effort on my part. But, I passionately believe that once we meet, you’ll immediately see the value of my services. It may even be glaringly obvious. If I can show you how you may be able to save lots of money on your taxes every year…and “bulletproof” to audits by the IRS, you may just be interested in trying my services out. If not, that’s ok too. You may not need my services today, but I may become a valued resource for you at some time in the future. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you have a back up, just in case? That’s exactly why I’m willing to put in the time and effort right now.

Unfortunately, though, I can only meet with four business owners each month. Since I’ve built a very successful business myself, my time is limited for a special opportunity like this – so if you delay responding, you may be on a waiting list for two to three months. I never like to put pressure on people to respond, but right now, I have two appointment openings in the next several weeks. You can have one of those appointments if you call today.

Here's what to do right now if you're interested:

Simply call (321) 236-6795 and request any appointment. Plan on spending about 30 minutes to review your last year’s taxes and discuss my findings and recommendations. Don’t forget to bring last years tax returns (business and personal) with you so we can analyse them and uncover “holes in your bucket” and areas for you to re-capture money

NOT meeting with me could be very costly!


Sonu Shukla, CPA

PS: You know YOU ARE A TAX TARGET! It’s vital to prevent tax mistakes that could kill you in an audit, while still taking full advantage of every single tax deduction and break specific to your type of business. I am your strongest ally in this tough battle.

PPS: Remember, there are no strings attached, no hidden agendas, no fees and no expectations for you to become a client, no pushy sales tactics. You have nothing to lose and potentially the chance to gain a lot of money back in your pocket.


Sonu Shukla, CPA

President, Sonu Shukla, CPA, PA