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"I highly recommend Sonu"

~Lesley Gwynn

I’d recommend him to Anybody!

~Bill Hentshel

I’d recommend Sonu!

~​Rajneesh Goyal

"Very happy with the Services"

~Omar Andreason

A new generation Financial Planner

~Kam Shah

Sonu was extremely professional, communicated clearly and was very fast despite us giving him our information at the last minute. I would highly recommend his services to others and will be using him again next year!

~Pablo Carrau


Can I just tell you that you are so awesome to deal with for my taxes? You are very knowledgeable and patient. Thanks for relieving all my worries and concerns. I will refer you to many of my friends and acquaintances. Thank you again.

~Yesenia Sanchez


I have worked with Sonu for nearly 10 years now, he has handled all of my taxes on a business and personal level. He has help me organize things in a way that works well for me, this was very important as we all have different styles and ways of organizing things- he can adapt to your style and really make a difference.

The broad tax knowledge and good communication has equaled a substantial saving on any tax liabilities. We look forward to the continuing good relationship and would recommend Sonu to anyone looking for Tax assistance.

~Toby Ashton


We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Sonu on moving to the United States from the United Kingdom 9 years ago. Without doubt, Sonu has been an integral and vital component to the success and growth of our business and navigating the renewal of our visas. His knowledge and guidance, is, in my opinion, unrivaled and was particularly invaluable during the recent recession.

His service is personable, honest and straightforward. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have met him, as in our opinion, an accountant can make or break a small business.

On a personal level, he has also overseen our tax returns in which he has again proved to be invaluable.

~Jacqueline Cannon


I called Sonu when I received a tax notice from the IRS in 2012 and did not know what do with it. I did not have any recommendation from anyone and didn’t know what to expect. Sonu saved me close to $13,000 all because of tax planning. I feel more confident doing business now. Sonu will not only put the right numbers in the right boxes but will also help his clients with tax planning. He also helps me with payroll services. I really like his honesty and cannot thank him enough for saving my business. I would highly recommend Sonu to other businesses.

~Meynard J

I asked for Mr Shukla’s help in doing my taxes and he was able to get me out of a jam. I tried doing my familes taxes on my own but they turned out to be too complicated and beyond my level of experience. He was very professional with me and explained the expecations as a result of my situation. In the end, he was able to reduce my anticipated taxes by nearly half from what I calculated. He kept me informed during the entire process and for that I am very greatful for what he did for my family. I highly recommend using Mr Shukla’s services.

~Marc B


I’ve used Sonu’s tax services for the better part of a decade. He’s very professional and courteous. I like his no nonsense attitude when it comes to accounting. I like warm and fuzzy waiters, but when it comes to accountants, I want them to be straight with me and tell me the truth. Sonu is always available to answer questions and can answer them in a way I can understand. He has never steered me wrong. I have more money in my pocket and my business bank account because of him. Thanks Sonu!

~Priya Amin


I have been using Sonu’s services for five years. My husband and I own two small businesses in the Orlando area. He has been professional and personable. He has made himself available for questions and returns my calls promptly. He has a wealth of knowledge concerning taxes and financial planning. I have had a fantastic experience working with him. He also has interest in giving back to the community as he has done charity work for a local food bank. I can recommend his services whole heartedly!! Great professional and equally great person!! A+++!!!!!!!

~Debbie Tavarez


Sonu Shukla, CPA firm is superior. Great service for your individual or corporate taxes. Their staff cares about the job and very experienced at listening to what the clients needs are. Thank you Sonu!

~Barry Brannon